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Can I install Fibo panels myself?

Fibo panels are easier and faster to install than ceramic tiles. They are also cheaper. You can either install them yourself or hire a professional fitter. Please follow our installation instructions carefully. This will ensure you get an attractive result, with a 15 year guarantee. If you feel unsure, contact our Customer Centre, or hire a professional fitter. 

How do I calculate how many Fibo panels I need?

Measure the total length of the walls, including any windows and doors. Then divide the total length of the walls by 0.6. The sum total equals the number of panels you need. Each pack contains two panels. Remember to get the accessories you need as well. 

What preparations do I need to make before installing panels?

You will find everything you need to know in our installation instructions. It’s in your best interests to allow plenty of time for your preparations.

Fibo wall panels should be acclimatised at room temperature for at least three (3) days prior to fitting. Check that the underlying surface is completely level and provides a firm screw hold. Only use Fibo-approved accessories. Do not install products with visible faults or defects. Follow the installation instructions that are included in the pack. 

How do I know how many screws and how much sealant I need?

You will need approximately 14 screws per panel (spaced at approximately 200mm intervals) and approximately 12 screws per internal corner. As a general rule, you will need one packet of screws for five packs of panels (panels come in packs of two). One tube of Fibo Seal is enough for approximately 20 running metres. As a general rule, one tube of Fibo Seal is enough for three packs of panels. 

Which sealant should I use?

Fibo Seal has been specially developed for our panels. Fibo Seal is also available in the same colours as the panel’s grout lines. Do not use silicone sealant; only an MS Polymer sealant approved in accordance with SP-0409/02.

How should I store Fibo panels prior to installation?

Fibo panels should always be stored horizontally on a flat surface at room temperature.

Fibo panels should always be stored flat in their original unbroken packaging. They should be acclimatised at room temperature for three (3) days prior to installation. 

Can I install Fibo directly on plasterboard?

Yes, Fibo panels can be fitted directly onto plasterboard walls. But make sure the screws are long enough to properly grip the studs behind the plasterboard.

Can I install Fibo directly on ceramic tiles?

Fibo panels should not be installed directly on top of ceramic tiles. Fibo panels have an integral moisture barrier; this means that they cannot be installed on ceramic tiles with an existing moisture barrier because water could collect in the space created between the two moisture barriers.

Can I install Fibo directly on stud partitioning?

You can forget all about moisture barriers, primers, fixatives and grout. Fibo panels have an integral moisture barrier, which means you can install them directly on stud partitioning. 

Can I use Fibo if I have a ceiling height over 2.5 metres?

Many of our designs are available in a height of 3.2m. If the Fibo design you’ve chosen is not available in that height, we have a joining profile you can use to stack the panels higher. 


Are Fibo panels approved for Swedish bathrooms?

Yes, our panels are approved and certified in accordance with Swedish building standards.

Fibo is certified by the SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden in compliance with Sweden’s National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s Building Regulations as a watertight surface layer in all zones on walls in wet rooms, when they are installed in accordance with the accompanying installation instructions. All major Swedish insurance companies, including Länsförsäkringar, If, Folksam and Trygg-Hansa, approve our panels in their home insurance policies. 

Is Fibo watertight?

Fibo is approved for use in all wet room zones, e.g. a shower in a bathroom, thanks to the membrane in the moisture barrier. This makes our panels an excellent choice for all wet rooms and wherever robust solutions are needed, e.g. mud rooms, hobby rooms, garages or laundry rooms. Fibo Kitchen Board is built with the same technology and is also watertight.  

When will I need a supporting wall behind Fibo?

If you will be installing sanitary or light fittings on the panel, you will need to reinforce it with e.g. a batten of 12mm building plywood behind. Another obvious option would be to attach the fittings to the studs behind the Fibo panel. 

Can I use Fibo in a swimming pool or sauna?

While Fibo can be used in most rooms, there are a few exceptions, such as saunas and swimming pools. However, Fibo is an excellent choice in changing rooms, showers or other spaces next to saunas or swimming pools. 

Can I fit Fibo behind a cooker or hob?

You can use Fibo behind standard electric cookers and induction hobs that do not release more than 80°C against the back wall. But if you have a gas cooker/hob you should not use Fibo without flame resistant material behind the panels. 

Is Fibo difficult to clean?

It’s easy to keep Fibo clean and you avoid all the dirt that usually accumulates in traditional grout joints. Use a clean cloth and warm water. You can use a non-abrasive detergent to remove any stubborn dirt. More information is available in our care instructions. 

What does the Fibo guarantee cover?

Our guarantee is valid for normal domestic use, and covers water resistance, colour fastness and stain resistance. It will be invalid in the event of faulty installation, accidental damage or misuse, structural movement or incorrect maintenance, e.g. the use of abrasive detergents. This guarantee does not confer any rights other than those specified above. Claims for indirect and consequential loss or damage are specifically excluded. 

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