Quick and easy change of style in the kitchen

With Fibo Kitchen Board you can click on a brand new expression in your kitchen in a matter of hours.

Fibo Kitchen Board is a simple and smart solution for protecting the wall between worktop and cupboard in the kitchen against water and splashes from cooking. At the same time it is decorative and can be used to give your kitchen exactly the style you want.

Choose from a wide range of decorators that bring the best of modern Scandinavian design with everything from natural tones inspired by wood, earth and stone to strong knots and different textures. With us you can design the wall yourself and really put your character!


This is how easy you get your own style

At the same time, our Kitchen Board is less expensive than tiles and much easier to install. Kitchen Board is screwed or glued directly onto the normal wall or sternwork, clicked together and locked with Fibos Aqualock.

It's so simple that you can give your kitchen a whole new expression in just a few hours. In fact, it's five times faster to lay compared to tiles, something you'll really notice if you choose a craftsman to do the job.

With the purchase, you will be guaranteed through a 15 year warranty.


Easy to keep clean

Fibo Kitchen Board is also very easy to keep clean with regular cleaners. You do not get any joints or other roughnesses where the filth land up, so the Kitchen Board is less prone to discoloration and retains its expression for years.

Nor do you worry about the environmental impact. Fibo Kitchen Board is made of PEFC-approved woods and is more environmentally friendly than tiles. Durable enough for decades, but simple and reasonable enough to replace it if you want.

Simply a smarter way to change the kitchen wall.


Interested in more information?

At you can see all available designs and draw up exactly how you want your kitchen wall. Fibo Kitchen Board is found in the vast majority of construction products.