6 February, 2020

Annual ESG report documents Fibo’s environmental commitment

Reduced energy use, better waste handling and the circular economy are amongst the issues Fibo is already addressing.

“We have prepared a report which looks at all of Fibo’s activities in an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) perspective. The board has committed to the report, and it will be revised annually to make it easier for both us and the wider world to see how we deliver on the targets we have set our- selves,” says Fibo product development director Elise Almås.

When preparing the report Fibo identified areas of the business that can be improved. It has institutionalised key initiatives and set targets for reducing energy consumption and improving waste handling from production, amongst other things.

A separate project is also underway to look at how to better exploit the resources in the circular economy, while CO2 contri- butions from the company’s wall panels have been identified with the help of a so-called life cycle assessment.

“We are looking at raw materials, products, product in use and alternatives for end-of-life disposal. We have also adopted maintenance procedures to make the wall panels last longer than the 20 years estimated by SINTEF Building and Infrastructure,” Almås says.