4 December, 2019

Bespoke worktops

Fibo worktops are an inexpensive option also available as a bespoke service with short lead times.

“With the right tools, someone with reasonable DIY skills can easily cut and fit a kitchen worktop. The problem is when you get the cuts wrong and are left with a worktop that doesn’t quite fit,” says Fibo marketing director Kevin Hægeland.

“But there is a simple solution to that: the customer provides the measurements and drawings, and we create a bespoke worktop in return. We do all the cuts at the factory in Lyngdal to accommodate corners, cabinet depth, hob and sink,” Hægeland says.

Fast delivery
The bespoke service is also a good option if you have or are planning a kitchen island. The worktop can be ordered with the sink already underglued for much easier instal- lation and a more streamlined result.

“Once we receive the measurements we prepare drawings to double-check that it looks as intended. Then it takes two weeks from when the order is confirmed until the worktop is ready,” says Hægeland.

Marble and concrete
Whether you are replacing an entire kitchen or just the worktop, Fibo offers inexpensive options that can reinforce the style the customer wants.

“Choose between classic solid woods such as oak, pine, cherry and walnut or even more robust laminate worktops with designs ranging from marble and slate to concrete and black granite,” says Fibo’s Kevin Hægeland.

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