Build several bathrooms in the time it usually takes to build one.

Building bathrooms with Fibo wall panels is much quicker than using tiles, both in terms of labour and the time you have to wait until the bathroom is ready to use.

The calculations from Bygganalyse are for a bathroom with a floor surface of 8.5 m2 (27.3 m2 wall surface). It takes 14 hours to fit Fibo wall panels, including beading and grouting.

In comparison, it would take 34 hours to do the same job using 30 x 60 cm tiles on plasterboard with a liquid membrane.

“That’s hardly surprising, bearing in mind that you need just over eight tiles of this size to cover the same area as a single Fibo wall panel. What the calculations fail to show, however, is the additional time it takes for tiles to harden and dry before you can clean them and start using the bathroom,” says marketing director Silja Vestad at Fibo.

The fact that it takes three days before the membrane used in the same test is watertight also means that it takes longer before the bathroom is ready for use.

“In terms of fitting, you can see that the size of the tiles has a major impact on how long it takes. The smaller the tiles, the more of them you need, and the longer it takes. With Fibo you can build several bathrooms in the same space of time,” Vestad says.

Facts: Number of tiles per Fibo wall panel: (1,488 m2)