Doing up your cabin this summer?

Fibo gets the job done more quickly so that your customers can enjoy their holidays in peace and quiet, assured of a lasting result.

Wall panels and kitchen boards from Fibo are ideal for holiday cabin bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens. The materials are easy to transport and assemble, which is a great advantage on projects off the beaten track.

“If you are heading for the mountains or islands, it is good not having to shuttle back and forth with materials. A standard size 6m2 bathroom requires 18 full-height wall panels. Building a bathroom with Fibo wall panels takes less than half the time it takes when you use tiles because the panels cover a larger surface and can be fitted directly onto the existing wall or a stud wall,” says Fibo marketing director Silja Vestad.

Combined with shorter drying and hardening times, this means the bathroom is ready to use much more quickly. The customer can then spend the rest of their holiday relaxing. They will also have more of their holiday budget intact as Fibo wall panels are often half the cost of tiles.

Nor do customers in holiday mode have to worry about maintenance. The hard surface minimises the risk of water ingress and mould, and the panels do not have to be replaced as often as other materials. This is reflected in the generous 15-year warranty.

“The smooth surface makes everyday cleaning easy, and the material retains its looks. A damp cloth is sufficient, alternatively with a dash of cleaning agent,” Vestad says.

Light maintenance and durability also make the kitchen board a popular choice for an increasingly trendy feature: basic open air kitchens where you can prepare anything from lunches to barbecue buffets.

“It often does not take much. A sturdy workbench, a hotplate and a barbecue. Unless you want to connect it to the soil pipe, you can draw running water from the garden hose and just use a couple of bowls to collect the water. And ta-da, you’ll be able to spend more time outdoors. The kitchen board protects the back wall. It is also nice to look at and allows you to put your own stamp on it,” says Silja Vestad.