Fibo products generate BREEAM-NOR credits

The use of Fibo products on building projects now generates credits under the BREEAM-NOR sustainability scheme

REEAM-NOR is run by the Norwegian Green Building Council and is the Norwegian version of BREEAM – an international certification scheme for green buildings. It uses nine categories to describe how the environmental impact of renovation projects and newbuilds can be reduced.

The criteria define the performance metrics a given solution must meet in order to gain BREEAM credits. They represent good or best practice for sustainable design and purchasing and are generally stricter than the minimum standards stipulated by the building regulations and other rules.

“If you want to obtain BREEAM-NOR certification for a project, the materials you use must have an ECOproduct rating – the only method to evaluate the actual environmental properties of the materials based on an environmental declaration verified by a third party. Fibo has now secured such an ECOproduct rating,” says Elise Almås, product development manager at Fibo.

Fibo Sweden has also obtained new certifications. Sweden recently revised its Miljöbyggnad Guld certification system and has given the building materials a more prominent role in what is known as Miljöbyggnad Guld 3.0.

An analysis from SundaHus shows that Fibo wall panels meet the criteria.