4 October, 2019

Good school climate

The municipality of Flesberg, Norway was looking for green, energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions for its new primary and secondary school.

Contractors Backe Stor-Oslo and Spinn architects chose to use cross-lami- nated timber and Fibo wall panels.

“They wanted a solution that was safe and quick to install and therefore settled on Fibo,” says Kevin Hægeland, marke- ting manager at Fibo.

More than 1,700 sq. m. of the Sunflower, Oslo, Titan and Aquamarine designs were delivered to Maxbo Proff in Oslo and then “portioned out” from there over the course of the building project.

As well as a school designed for 420 pupils, the project also included a new sports hall and swimming pool. The school was formally opened by county governor Valgerd Svarstad Haugland on September 4th.