Install internal corner profile


Install corner profile

Installing our panels and corner profiles is very easy. If DIY is not for you, you can hire a contractor. If they are not already a certified Fibo installer, you can ask them to read the instructions below.

1. Installing Base Profile

  • 1 Install the base profile at least 2.36 inches from the floor.
  • 2 Apply Fibo Seal to the back of the profile below the screw holes and position the profile horizontally.
  • 3 Use a spirit level or laser level to ensure the profile is positioned horizontally.

2. Installation of 2-Part Internal Profile

  • 1 Always start the installation in a corner and work from left to right.
  • 2 Attach the internal corner profile with screws on both sides of the corner.

3. First Panel

  • 1 Make sure that the first panel is vertical.
  • 2 If the panel is too high, it should be cut at the top against the ceiling.
  • 3 Test fit first without sealant.
  • 4 Clean all the edges of the panel.
  • 5 Leave at least a 0.2 inch expansion gap against the ceiling.

4. Apply Sealant

  • 1 Install the next panel as shown in the image and fix at the top in the same way as the first panel.Apply sealant on the newly cut area against the corner profile.
  • 2 For Wet Room Zone 1, the sealant must also be applied to the lower edge of the panel.
  • 3 Use Fibo Seal and smooth out with a Fibo Sealing Tool.
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5. Fix the Panel in Place with Screws

  • 1 Use Fibo screws and 7,87 inch spacing between screws in the grout line.
  • 2 The lowest screw must not be placed more than 0,78 inch from the lower edge of the panel.

6. Clean and Install the Next Panel

  • 1 Clean the next panel.
  • 2 Apply a generous amount of Fibo Seal in the joint on the next panel before clicking it in place.

7. Sealant

  • 1 Use sealant generously.
  • 2 Sealant should ooze out along the entire joint when the panels are clicked together.
  • 3 Use Fibo Seal and smooth out with a Fibo Sealing Tool.
  • 4 Wipe off any excess sealant with Fibo Wipes.

8. Install the Final Panel

  • 1 Measure carefully before positioning the final panel against the right-hand corner.
  • 2 Cut and test fit before applying Fibo Seal.

9. Join Corners, Internal Profile

  • 1 Fill the slot between panel and corner profile with Fibo Seal after clicking the panel in place.
  • 2 Install the first panel on the next wall in the same way as under (c). Then apply Fibo Seal, approximately 0,19 inches thick, on the sides of both the panels that meet in the corner.
  • 3 Once the second panel has been installed, the corner cover profile can be installed.
  • 4 Push in the outer profile with the lower part first. Use sufficient force to fit it in place.

10. Install Cover Panel

  • 1 Fibo Seal should ooze out along the entire profile on both sides.
  • 2 Remove excess Fibo Seal using Fibo Clean, Fibo Sealing Tool and Fibo Wipes.

11. Join Base Profile

  • 1 Apply Fibo Seal as shown in image. PLEASE NOTE! It is essential to use an approved sealant for proper installation that does not invalidate the warranty.

12. Pipe Aperture

  • 1 Drill a hole with a diameter 5 mm larger than the pipe.
  • 2 Clean the newly cut areas and apply Fibo Seal around the edge of the hole.
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