Hidden internal corner profile for sealing


Corner profile for joining

It’s very easy to install our wall panels. If DIY is not for you, you can hire a contractor. If they are not already a certified Fibo installer, you can ask them to read the instructions below. It’s an easy job for any contractor!

1. Start Installing Above Door.

  • 1 The profile is delivered pre-drilled, with the first hole 5mm from the lower edge and subsequent c/c spacing of 300 mm
  • 2 Install the corner profile at the back of the panel using a special screw as shown in the image (included with the corner profile).
  • 3 For Wet Room Zone 1, all panel edges should be joined using Fibo Seal or other sealant that is approved according to ETAG022.

2. Fit the internal corner profile

  • 1 to a stud or existing fixed wall using the pre-drilled and countersunk holes.
  • 2 Cut the next panel to the desired width, apply sealant to the newly cut area and fold the panel into the corner profile.

3. Adjust the joint between the panels and apply sealant

  • 1 (we recommend masking tape for the best result). Clean with Fibo Clean, Fibo Sealing Tool and Fibo Wipes

4. Finished!


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