Preparations before installing


Installing our wall panels

It’s very easy to install our wall panels. Please follow our installation guide, and please feel free to take our E-learning course to find out your knowledge about Fibo, and learn how to install our panels.

You need


  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Track saw, Plunge saw or circular saw
  • Ruler and pencil
  • Drill, hole saw and jigsaw to make any holes needed in the panels
  • Spirit level and laser level

Fibo Accessories:

  • Fibos Mounting Screws with Bits 3,0 x 35 mm
  • Fibo Seal
  • Fibo Profiles
  • Fibo Wipes
  • Fibo sealing tool
  • Fibo Clean
  • Fibo Tapping Tool
  • Fibo Grip

Transport, inspection and storage

  • Fibo panels should be kept in their protective plastic cover in a dry environment, and be transported and stored horizontally until they are installed.
  • Fibo should be acclimatized at room temperature for at least three days prior to installation.
  • Before installing, remove the protective plastic and inspect the surface for any damage.
  • Move the panels carefully to avoid denting or scratching them.


  • Clean all profiles, any newly cut surfaces, joints and overhangs to be used in a wet zone before sealing the surface with Fibo Seal.
  • Use Fibo Seal in all joints.

Floor membrane

The floor must be finished before Fibo is installed on the walls. The floor membrane must comply with wet room standards in your country and extend to at least 150 mm above the baseboard.

Behind Fibo

Fibo can be installed on existing walls or directly onto stud partitioning, either with horisontal strips on framing, or directly on to the frame. The vertical studs should be positioned at distances of 600 mm in width and 800 mm in height (between the vertical studs). When installing our panels, the underlying surface should be level and provide a good grip for screws at panel joints. If the panels are installed directly onto studs, the wall must be reinforced in places where sinks or other wall units are mounted. When installing Fibo on a fixed wall you can use these alternatives:

  • Ca 12-15 mm building plywood
  • 12-15 mm Plywood
  • 18 mm rough panels (mounted horizontally c/c 300 mm)
  • 15 mm OSB Class 3
  • Please contact our customer service when installing on concrete or steel studs.