Marble harmony

Fibo’s new marble design has been well received by a market that is not afraid to let it shine.

“The feedback on the new marble designs has been overwhelming. In the Nordic region Golden Brown Marble and White Marble have emerged as two early and highly different favourites. Golden Brown Marble challenges tradition, while White Marble is more muted and creates a harmonious marble atmosphere,” says Fibo brand manager Sigrid Harket Sandal.

There are numerous ways of combining the marble designs in the bathroom or kitchen.

“White Marble goes well with soft colours like Warm Grey and Olivegrey and provides a contrast with high gloss panels from the Colour Collection. They can also be combined with copper or gold items, which are becoming increasingly popular when styling bathrooms and kitchens. We really shouldn’t be afraid of letting things sparkle a bit,” Sandal says.

Another big trend, earthy colours, is not looking like it will abate any time soon. Fibo’s new olive green design has attracted attention at exhibitions across the Nordic region.

- Olivegreen is great in combination with cement designs such as 2145 Grey Cement, perhaps with large tile patterns or just plain surfaces. Warm Grey creates a soothing atmosphere in nature-based interiors,” Sigrid Harket Sandal concludes.