New Svalbard hotel opts for Fibo wall system in its bathrooms

Quick to build, safe and functional solutions and easy cleaning are what made the contractor choose Fibo wall panels for 35 bathrooms at The Vault.

The newest hotel in Longyearbyen, The Vault, is experiencing a sharp rise in the number of guests.

As the name suggests, the hotel has taken inspiration from the Svalbard Global Seed Vault – the facility that stores seeds from all over the world under the protection of the permafrost.

The hotel’s bathrooms are testament to that. The bestselling Cracked Cement wall panels give direct associations to the vault. Elsewhere in the hotel there are pictures from the seed vault and information about the different seeds and where they come from.

“The local contractor had had experiences with Fibo in the past. Apart from construction time, quality, cleaning and maintenance, logistics is a key aspect of any project taking place in Svalbard. Everything has to be brought in from the mainland, and getting the deliveries wrong is costly,” says Fibo marketing manager Kevin Hægeland.