Wall panels

The Fibo wall system is available in a wide range of designs across six collections, each offering a variety of shades, surfaces and textures. The wall panels measure 11 x 600 x 2,400 mm. Some designs are also available in lengths of 2,720 and 3,020 mm. Scroll down to view all the collections.

Note! The colour in the pictures may deviate slightly from that of the actual product.


Wood, cement and stone surfaces: The Marcato collection consists of a number of different colors, surfaces and designs. With 1,8 mm wide grout lines in white or gray, you can combine different panels with a common joint color, preferably with a 300 mm wide effect/accent panel for a striking, modern effect

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Colourful from extra matt to high gloss: The Colour collection is available in a number of different colors, with almost endless possibilities for combining colors and tile sizes. The joints are 1,8 mm in both Extra Matt and High Gloss surfaces.

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Marble and stone: The Adagio collection brings to mind southern areas with its exciting collection of marble and other stone decorations. All surfaces in this collection are either High Gloss or Silk.

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Modern and tight: The Legato collection consists of easy-to-use, bright decors that give a modern and stylish look, and can be used for everything. All Legato decors have a smooth surface without grout lines.

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Three-dimensional decor that makes these panels vivid and lifelike. The Crescendo collection has decors with both height and surface differences between the tiles and the joints. The grout lines are approximately 6 mm, but can vary by (+/-) 2 mm, which gives Crescendo a vibrant and natural impression for a modern and exclusive bathroom.

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Sleak surfaces with and without tile patterns: The Fortissimo collection is a stylish choice that fits into most homes. The joint color is gray on all panels except Toscana, with a white joint and the joint width is 3,5 mm on all the decors.

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Extra long panels

Changing building practices with higher ceilings are placing new demands on both products and developers. We offer extra long panels for rooms with high ceilings up to 3020 mm length. Choose from high-gloss, extra matte or textured surfaces in beautiful decors and find the look that suits your room!

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