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What is Fibo?

Waterproof, stylish, safe


Wall systems for all rooms

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Wall systems for your bathroom, kitchen, garage and laundry room. Why not for wardrobes or shops? A brilliant choice in any room you like.

Explore over 750 different options

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Explore more than 750 different design options with 90 different patterns and colours.

Save time – 5 times faster than fitting ceramic tiles

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Save time when you choose Fibo instead of ceramic tiles. According to calculations done in 2014, a Fibo installation is five time faster than an equivalent ceramic tile installation. You save the most time during preparation work, as Fibo is installed directly on studs. Fibo panels reach from floor to ceiling, and are easy and fast to fit.

Fibo – high quality, waterproof, easier, cost efficient and eco-friendly

Fibo is a leading supplier of high quality, waterproof wall systems. Our systems are significantly easier to install, cheaper and more eco-friendly than ceramic tiles. Approved for wet rooms and with a 15 year guarantee.

Fibo is manufactured in Lyngdal, Norway, where we’re developing next-generation wall systems for challenging spaces. We’ve fitted out thousands of homes, private buildings and public facilities in Scandinavia since 1952.


15 year guarantee

A new bathroom is a major investment for most of us. So it’s reassuring to know that Fibo offers you a guarantee that your new bathroom remains waterproof for 15 years. The guarantee document is security that can also increase the value of your property.



The reason that Fibo can promise a long 15 years’ guarantee is Aqualock®, Fibo’s patented solution for invisible joins.

Aqualock® was introduced in 2005 and revolutionised the market by setting a new standard for invisible and watertight joins.

Aqualock® is the secret that makes your room secure as well as stylish.

Eco-friendly wall systems

Fibo is a leader in the development and production of wall panels for use in bathrooms and other challenging environments with strict requirements for moisture resistance and durability.

We understand our customers’ needs and care about the world in which we all live. We know that responsible, sustainable development makes good business sense. This is why we make our panels of 100% pure, PEFC-approved wood and we carefully select suppliers that comply with our strict recycling requirements at all stages. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in everything we do.

  • 1952

    Fibo is born, with a commitment to the environment and a strong focus on choice of materials from day one.

  • 1997

    Fibo gets approval for wet rooms.

  • 2005

    The introduction of Aqualock

  • 2016

    We build our low-emissions factory in Lyngdal, Norway.


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Carbon dioxide emissions

At Fibo, we’re committed to producing products with a strong focus on sustainability and the environment. We’ve made a pledge to minimise our environmental impact throughout the value chain and this involves continuously working to reduce our emissions and our energy use. We’ve invested 140 million NOK in new machinery and equipment to improve efficiency and reduce our total energy needs. During 2017, we will be completing a major refurbishment and upgrade of production equipment that will give an energy saving of 50%. At the same time, we’re improving logistics at our facility to drastically cut down material transportation. At Fibo, we’re constantly working with both big-picture and detail-oriented perspectives in order to improve our processes and minimise our environmental impact.

Environmental Product Declaration

In 2014, Fibo received an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). An EPD is an independently verified and registered document that gives consumers comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of different products. The EPD is based on the principles and rules contained in the international ISO 14025 standard, which ensures worldwide acceptance. Fibo’s EPD can also be used by building consultants when new buildings are applying for BREEAM certification.

BREEAM credits

BREEAM.SE is a certification programme for new construction or renovations. Certification is based on a rating system where ten areas are awarded credits based on their performance in different areas, including low impact in design and reduced emissions, sustainability and resilience, adaptation to climate changes, ecological value and protection of biodiversity.

Read our Norweigan EPD rapport

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