What is Fibo?


We exist to take your bathroom
to the next level

Fibo started out quite modestly as a small factory for wall panels from Norwegian wood. It became our mission to develop the walls which made wet room challenges easy.

Today, Fibo is the choice of professionals and we humbly take that as a proof of quality. Even if you just want to renovate a small bathroom, it is relevant to know that our business customers choose Fibo - when failure is not an option. Our customer service have many years of experience and technical expertise.

Trust us to solve your challenges, whether you want to renovate a small bathroom or design a facility to meet public demands.


Fibo – high quality, waterproof, easier, more affordable and eco-friendly


Fibo is a leading supplier of high-quality, waterproof wall systems. Our wall panels are much easier to install, more affordable and more eco-friendly than ceramic tiles! They are approved according to the strict wet room regulations in Scandinavia and come with the reassurance of a 15-year warranty.

Fibo is manufactured in Lyngdal, Norway, where we’re developing next-generation wall systems for high-specification spaces. We’ve fitted out thousands of homes and privately and publicly owned buildings in Scandinavia since 1951.



With our patented Aqualock click system, Fibo panels are perfect for both refurbishment or new construction projects. The system makes the product unique and 100% waterproof, simplifies the assembly and minimizes the joints. There’s no need for water vapor barrier or other waterproof membrane behind the panels.


Wet room (FFV)

The building industry's wet room standard (BVN) sets requirements for different products for use in wet rooms, especially products that are particularly important for the wet room density and durability.

Fibo wall panel is such a product and is approved and recommended by FFV.


Fibo Environmental declaration

Wall Panel and Kitchen Board. Fibo focuses on the environment. Here you will find our EPD document, which is also the basis for the BREEAM score. This document shows the product from "cradle to grave".


Green Point

Through the EU Packaging Directive, companies that send goods with packaging out of the Norwegian market are obliged to take environmental responsibility when it is empty.

Fibo is proud to be one of the companies that take this environmental responsibility and has the right to mark our products with a green point.



Product certification for Denmark



Fibo is committed to being sustainable, this is also proven through our work to be PEFC certified



Fibo wall panel has type approval issued by Sintef Byggforsk. This shows that the product is approved for use in wet rooms and wet areas.


Fibo wall panel has type approval issued by Sintef Byggforsk. This shows that the product is approved for use in wet rooms and wet areas.


VTT Finland

Product certification for Finland.