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0145 S Soft Cement KM00_8 LQ

Doing up your cabin this summer?

Fibo gets the job done more quickly so that your customers can enjoy their holidays in peace and quiet, assured of a lasting result. Wall panels and kitchen boards from Fibo are ideal for holiday cabin bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens.

2273 White Marble KM00

Clean the click before the sealant hardens!

To prevent visible sealant on the panel joints, remove unhardened sealant from the click joint immediately using Fibo Clean and a sealant tool. Next, wipe with a microfibre cloth or similar to remove the oil film.

2278 Golden Brown Marble M00_4

Marble harmony

Fibo’s new marble design has been well received by a market that is not afraid to let it shine. There are numerous ways of combining the marble designs in the bathroom or kitchen.