Fibo in the kitchen

Fibo Kitchen Board is the perfect solution for the splash zone between your kitchen worktop and wall cabinets. These panels provide excellent protection against stains from water and cooking, ensuring your walls remain pristine and easy to clean.

3487 Bright Marble KM10

Standing 580 mm tall, Fibo Kitchen Board panels offer an affordable, easy, and smart solution for protecting your kitchen walls. Not only do they shield against splashes and stains, but their diverse range of designs also allows you to add a personal touch to your space. Transform your kitchen’s look effortlessly without the need for a complete renovation.

Transform your kitchen in an afternoon!

The Fibo Kitchen Board can be installed directly onto your wall and locked together using Fibo’s Aqualock solution, eliminating the need for lengthy preparations. Whether you’re looking to protect the area behind the sink or stove, or to decorate a larger section of your kitchen wall, you can complete the installation in an afternoon.

The smooth, joint-free surfaces are easy to clean and help the panels maintain their appearance for longer.

Additionally, the kitchen board system is approved under the Norwegian wet room standard and comes with a 25-year warranty, ensuring lasting quality and peace of mind.