Fibo in the kitchen

The Fibo kitchen board is a panel designed for the splash zone between the kitchen worktop and wall cabinets. The panels protect the wall against stains from water and cooking.

2278 S Golden Brown Marble K00

At 580 mm high, the panels are an inexpensive, easy and smart way of protecting the wall. The wide range of designs also allows you to put your own unique stamp on the room – without having to replace the whole kitchen.

Create your new dream kitchen in an afternoon

The Fibo kitchen board can be fitted straight onto the wall and locked together with Fibo’s Aqualock solution without the need for lengthy preparations. You can do the job in an afternoon, whether you are looking to protect the wall behind the sink or cooker or want to decorate a larger section of the kitchen wall.

The smooth surfaces are easy to clean with no joints where dirt can stick. It also makes the panels retain their look for longer.

The kitchen board system is approved under the Norwegian wet room standard and comes with a 15-year warranty.

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