Vito Lacquered Veneer Panel

Vito Lacquered Veneer Panel is a high-quality building material crafted for indoor spaces in need of a sophisticated look. Designed for dry-area walls, this product offers a seamless natural wood appearance. With its concealed fastening system, installation is straightforward, ensuring a clean and uninterrupted finish that complements any interior design.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enhance your interiors with the Vito Panel’s decorative look, capturing the timeless elegance of natural wood.
  • Ready-to-Use Surface: Enjoy a smooth, durable surface, lacquer-finished for immediate installation and long-term enjoyment.
  • Superior Hold: Confidently secure your panels, thanks to their exceptional screw retention properties.
  • Seamless Installation: With an innovative click system, the Vito Panel ensures a clean look by concealing screws and joints effortlessly.
  • Sustainable Choice: Invest in longevity and eco-friendliness with this sustainably-sourced veneer panel designed for durability.
  • Authentic Material: Each panel boasts a genuine plywood core with a high-quality veneer top layer, offering both strength and beauty.
  • Natural Texture: The lacquer-finished surface showcases the intricate patterns of wood grain, bringing organic sophistication to any room.
  • Direct Mounting: Simplify your project with panels that attach directly to studs, eliminating the need for additional backing.

Areas of use

The Vito Lacquered Veneer Panel can be used in all dry room areas. Examples include:

  • Living room
  • Hallway
  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen


The Vito Lacquered Veneer Panel consists of 7 layers of birch veneer with an 8th decorative layer of lacquered birch or oak veneer. The back is a thin paper layer for balancing to maintain a flat and strong wall plate.

  • Measurements: 10 (D) x 600 (W) x 2400/2720/3020 (L) mm
  • Application Area: Dry rooms
  • Fire classification: D-s1-d0
  • Recommended additional products: We recommend the use of Fibo Screws (article no. 810006/810007/810011) to ensure a guaranteed fit in the invisible locking system
  • Lead time: 6-8 weeks


Vito Lacquered Veneer Panel is available in two decors. Birch or Oak.