New product launches and updates on discontinued items – European market

Discover the latest exciting Fibo wall panels for bathrooms and kitchens – new launches replacing the Fortissimo collection with the enhanced Marcato collection, along with delightful news for the kitchen!

On April 1, 2023, we launched several new and exciting products across our entire range, providing you with even greater choices for Wall Panels and Kitchen Boards.

The Fortissimo collection with a 3.5 mm joint width has now been discontinued. Instead, some of the most popular designs have been transferred to the Marcato series with a 1.5 mm joint width. Please see below for a complete overview.

What’s new in the Marcato collection

4091 White Slate M6060
What’s new in the Marcato collectionArt. nr.Measurements
2094-M2030 S White2094M203011x620x2400
2094-M71 S White Hexagon2094M7111x620x2400
3091-M2030 HG Denver White3091M203011x620x2400
3091-M1515 HG Denver White3091M151511x620x2400
4091-M6030 White Slate4091M603011x620x2400
4091-M6060 White Slate4091M606011x620x2400
2090-M74 EM Light Grey2090M7411x620x2400
3487-M10 Bright Marble3487M1011x620x2400
5206-M71 EM Olive Green Hexagon5206M7111x620x2400

What’s new in the Colour collection

3085 M0303 EM Light Green
What’s new in the Colour collectionArt nr.Measurements
3085-M00 EM Light Green3085M0011x620x2400
3085-M0303 EM Light Green3085M030311x620x2400
3085-M10 EM Light Green3085M1011x620x2400
3085-M3005 EM Light Green3085M300511x620x2400
3085-M6015 EM Light Green3085M601511x620x2400
3085-M6020 EM Light Green3085M602011x620x2400
3085-M6030 EM Light Green3085M603011x620x2400
3085-M6040 EM Light Green 3085M604011x620x2400
3085-M6060 EM Light Green3085M606011x620x2400
3212-M00 EM Aqua Mint3212M0011x620x2400
3212-M0303 EM Aqua Mint3212M030311x620x2400
3212-M10 EM Aqua Mint3212M1011x620x2400
3212-M3005 EM Aqua Mint3212M300511x620x2400
3212-M6015 EM Aqua Mint3212M601511x620x2400
3212-M6020 EM Aqua Mint3212M602011x620x2400
3212-M6030 EM Aqua Mint3212M603011x620x2400
3212-M6040 EM Aqua Mint3212M604011x620x2400
3212-M6060 EM Aqua Mint3212M606011x620x2400

What’s new in the Extra Long panels:

3212-L6060 EM Aqua Mint
What’s new in the Extra Long panels:Art nr.Measurements
3091-LM2030 HG Denver White3091LM203011x620x3020
3085-L00 EM Light Green3085L0011x620x3020
3085-LM6030 EM Light Green3085LM603011x620x3020
3085-LM6060 EM Light Green3085LM606011x620x3020
3212-L00 EM Aqua Mint3212L0011x620x3020
3212-L6030 EM Aqua Mint3212LM603011x620x3020
3212-L6060 EM Aqua Mint3212LM606011x620x3020

What’s new in the Kitchen Board collection

2094 KM71 S White Hexagon
5200 M0420 EM Warm Grey
3487 – KM10 HG Bright Marble
What’s new in the Kitchen Board collectionArt nr.Measurements
2094-KM0420 S White2094KM042011x620x580
2094-M0420 S White2094M0420 11x620x2400
2094-KM71 S White Hexagon2094KM7111x620x580
2094-M71 S White Hexagon2094M7111x620x2400
3091-KM3005 HG Denver White 3091KM300511x620x580
3091-M3005 HG Denver White3091M300511x620x2400
3091-KM1010 HG Denver White 3091KM101011x620x580
3091-M1010 HG Denver White3091M101011x620x2400
3487-KM10 HG Bright Marble3487KM1011x620x580
3487-M10 Bright Marble3487M1011x620x2400
4115-KM1010 HG London4115KM101011x620x580
4115-M1010 HG London4115M101011x620x2400
5200-KM0420 EM Warm Grey5200KM042011x620x580
5200-M0420 EM Warm Grey5200M042011x620x2400
5206-KM71 EM Olivegreen Hexagon5206KM7111x620x580
5206-KM71 EM Olivegreen Hexagon5206M7111x620x2400
News in Kitchen Board accessories
Hidden internal corner profile – Kitchen Board 520102314-E580

5206-KM71 EM Olive Green Hexagon

Discontinued products from the Fortissimo collection

Discontinued productsArt nr.Measurements
2094-F01 S White 2094F0111x620x2400
2094-F05 S White 2094F0511x620x2400
2094-F08 S White2094F0811x620x2400
2094-F23 S White 2094F2311x620x2400
2506-F00 HG Toscana2506F0011x620x2400
2506-F3040 HG Toscana2506F304011x620x2400
2520-F00 HG Ivory 2520F0011x620x2400
2520-F3040 HG Ivory 2520F304011x620x2400
3091-F01 HG Denver White3091F0111x620x2400
3091-F03 HG Denver White 3091F0311x620x2400
3091-F05 HG Denver White 3091F0511x620x2400
3091-F08 HG Denver White3091F0811x620x2400
3091-F22 HG Denver White3091F2211x620x2400
3091-F23 HG Denver White 3091F2311x620x2400
3091-F24 HG Denver White 3091F2411x620x2400
3091-F25 HG Denver White 3091F2511x620x2400
4054-F24 HG Milano Anthracite 4054F2411x620x2400
4091-F05 SL White Slate 4091F0511x620x2400
4091-F08 SL White Slate 4091F0811x620x2400

Discontinued products from the Colour collection

Discontinued productsArt nr.Measurements
0087-M00 EM Hanoi 0087M0011x620x2400
0087-M0303 EM Hanoi0087M030311x620x2400
0087-M10 EM Hanoi 0087M1011x620x2400
0087-M3005 EM Hanoi 0087M300511x620x2400
0087-M6015 EM Hanoi 0087M601511x620x2400
0087-M6020 EM Hanoi 0087M602011x620x2400
0087-M6030 EM Hanoi 0087M603011x620x2400
0087-M6040 EM Hanoi 0087M604011x620x2400
0087-M6060 EM Hanoi 0087M606011x620x2400
0530-M00 EM Kingston 0530M0011x620x2400
0530-M0303 EM Kingston 0530M030311x620x2400
0530-M10 EM Kingston0530M1011x620x2400
0530-M3005 EM Kingston 0530M300511x620x2400
0530-M6015 EM Kingston 0530M601511x620x2400
0530-M6020 EM Kingston 0530M602011x620x2400
0530-M6030 EM Kingston 0530M603011x620x2400
0530-M6040 EM Kingston 0530M6040 11x620x2400
0530-M6060 EM Kingston0530M606011x620x2400
0196-M00 EM Ocean Blue0196M0011x620x2400
0196-M0303 EM Ocean Blue0196M030311x620x2400
0196-M10 EM Ocean Blue0196M1011x620x2400
0196-M3005 EM Ocean Blue0196M300511x620x2400
0196-M6015 EM Ocean Blue0196M601511x620x2400
0196-M6020 EM Ocean Blue0196M602011x620x2400
0196-M6030 EM Ocean Blue0196M603011x620x2400
0196-M6040 EM Ocean Blue0196M604011x620x2400
0196-M6060 EM Ocean Blue0196M606011x620x2400
6230-F00 HG Midnight Blue0196F0011x620x2400
6230-M0303 HG Midnight Blue0196M030311x620x2400
6230-M10 HG Midnight Blue0196M1011x620x2400
6230-M3005 HG Midnight Blue0196M300511x620x2400
6230-M6015 HG Midnight Blue0196M601511x620x2400
6230-M6020 HG Midnight Blue0196M602011x620x2400
6230-M6030 HG Midnight Blue0196M603011x620x2400
6230-M6040 HG Midnight Blue0196M604011x620x2400
6230-M6060 HG Midnight Blue0196M606011x620x2400
0090 EM Svalbard has been replaced by 2090 EM Light Grey, in autumn 2022
  • 0090 EM Svalbard has already been replaced by 2090 EM Light Grey. – more information here
  • 0087 EM Hanoi will be replaced by 3085 Light Green in all designs
  • 0530 EM Kingston will be replaced by 3212 EM Aqua Mint in all designs
  • 0196 EM Ocean Blue will not be replaced
  • 6230 HG Midnight Blue will not be replaced

Discontinued products from the Extra Long panels

Discontinued productsArt nr. Measurements
2094-L01 S White 2094L0111x620x3020
2094-L08 S White 2094L0811x620x3020
2094-L23 S White 2094L2311x620x3020
2204-L01 S Cracked Cement 2204L0111x620x3020
3091-L01 HG Denver White 3091L0111x620x3020
3091-L08 HG Denver White 3091L0811x620x3020
3091-L23 HG Denver White 3091L2311x620x3020
3091-L24 HG Denver White 3091L2411x620x3020
0087-L00 EM Hanoi 0087L0011x620x3020
0087-LM6030 EM Hanoi 0087LM603011x620x3020
0087-LM6060 EM Hanoi 0087LM606011x620x3020
0530-L00 S Kingston 0530L0011x620x3020
0530-LM6030 S Kingston 0530LM603011x620x3020
0530-LM6060 S Kingston 0530LM606011x620x3020
0090 EM Svarlbard

Discontinued products from the Kitchen Board

Discontinued productsArt nr. Measurements
Kitchen Board 580 mm
2101-K03 HG Red2101K0311x620x580
3091-K03 HG Denver White 3091K0311x620x580
3091-K40 HG Denver White 3091K4011x620x580
4054-K03 HG Milano Anthracite 4054K0311x620x580
0090-KM3010 EM Svalbard 0090KM301011x620x580
6230-KM73 Midnight Blue6230-KM7311x620x580
Kitchen Board 2400 mm
2101-F03 HG Red2101F0311x620x2400
3091-F03 HG Denver White3091F0311x620x2400
3091-F40 HG Denver White3091F4011x620x2400
4054-F03 HG Milano Anthracite 4054F0311x620x2400
0090-M3010 EM Svalbard 0090M301011x620x2400
6230-M73 Midnight Blue6230M7311x620x2400