The Preferred Choice for Hospitals and Public Buildings

Fibo offers exceptional and durable solutions for public buildings that endure high levels of wear and tear. Learn how Fibo wall panels contribute to a predictable budget during the construction, renovation, and maintenance of public projects.

Let’s explore three typical public buildings where Fibo is the preferred choice.

1. Hospitals – Emphasizing Hygiene and Cost-effectiveness

Hygiene standards in healthcare facilities are paramount. It’s crucial to maintain solutions that remain aesthetically pleasing and robust over time, even with heavy usage. Moreover, it’s essential to ensure predictable financial planning during construction, renovation, and maintenance, enabling the optimal allocation of public funds toward providing superior healthcare services. One notable project, Nordland Hospital, employed 3500 m2 of Fibo wall panels in bathrooms and various common areas.

Build affordable public buildings with Fibo wall system. Pictured is Nordlands hospital in Bodø

2. Cultural Centers – Striking a Balance Between Aesthetics and Functionality

The Concert Hall of Aarhus welcomes over a million visitors annually, to 1500 events across six halls and eleven stages. The restroom facilities in such a contemporary establishment must satisfy visual, economic, and practical requirements, particularly in terms of efficient cleaning. Designed by local architects Kjaer & Richter in 1982, Fibo was used during the building renovations creating stylish public restrooms.

Create stylish public restrooms with Fibo

3. Sports Halls – Meeting Extreme Demands of Waterproofing and Ease of Cleaning

Drammen Hall, is among Norway’s largest sports halls, with multiple handball courts, a gymnasium, a strength training room, a mirrored room, an indoor shooting range, and a seating capacity for 4,900 spectators. Given the multitude of athletes who shower daily within such a facility, it’s imperative to have 100% waterproof areas that are also hygienic, easily maintainable, and contribute to an enjoyable environment for the athletes. Fibo wall panels were used in all shower facilities.

Drammens sports hall featuring Fibo Denver White