Danish Schools Chose Fibo

Hadsten School and Ulstrup School chose Fibo Wall Panels for their toilet renovations.

Hadsten School and Ulstrup School in Denmark, recently selected Fibo Wall Panels for their renovation projects, joining a growing trend among educational institutions, recreational facilities, and healthcare centers. These sectors are increasingly opting for Fibo’s innovative wet room panels over traditional tiles for upgrading toilets, showers, and kitchens. This shift is driven by the panels’ cost-efficiency, ease of maintenance, and high quality. Moreover, Fibo offers a diverse array of designs, featuring textures and patterns inspired by wood, stone, cement, and 3D effects, available in a multitude of colors. This versatile range caters to a variety of aesthetic preferences and design requirements.

In Denmark, it is quite common to use tiles in the bathroom, but now more and more people see the advantages of Fibo panels,

says Peter Kjær, District Manager at wholesaler A. Rindom, Fibo’s distributor in Denmark.

Fibo’s waterproof wall panels have been produced in Lyngdal, southern Norway, since the 1950s, and are a sustainable alternative, lowering CO2 emissions by as much as 45% compared to a tiled bathroom.

A visit to the schools’ toilets now offers a completely new experience after renovation.

Vibrant Colours and a Focus on Hygiene

In 2023, both Hadsten and Ulstrup schools renovated their toilets with Fibo wall panels. The result is inviting and hygienic toilets with lively colours. Hadsten School has chosen orange panels in all toilet areas, while Ulstrup School has kept most areas white but with colourful back walls in each toilet.

Peter Kjær, District Manager, elaborates, “Each school creatively utilized different colors for each toilet, simplifying tasks like directing someone to ‘the yellow one’ in case of essentials like toilet paper running out.” This approach not only adds a practical element but also opens a world of design possibilities with Fibo’s extensive colour and pattern range, including trendy stone and cement options alongside a spectrum of dynamic colours.

Effortless Maintenance and Hygienic Surfaces

Fibo’s panels are not only user-friendly in terms of cleaning but also boast an advanced antibacterial surface that effectively eliminates 99.99% of Escherichia coli (e-coli) and Staphylococcus bacteria. This innovative feature drastically reduces bacterial survival rates to nearly 0.01%, ensuring a highly hygienic environment. Peter Kjær, District Manager at Rindom, emphasizes the practicality of Fibo panels:

The ease of cleaning these surfaces is a significant benefit, particularly as it eliminates the common issues associated with grout, such as dirt accumulation and odors.

Peter Kjær, District Manager at Fibo’s Danish distributor

For a Closer Look at the Toilets, Watch This Video!

Balancing Environmental Sustainability with Cost-Effectiveness

Fibo’s innovative wall system not only offers 100% waterproof walls that are robust and easy to maintain but also stands out with its lower environmental impact vs tiles. You have the luxury of choosing from a diverse range of designs, including wood, stone, cement, 3D patterns, and a variety of colors to suit any aesthetic.

Fibo wall system features full-length panels designed for straightforward installation over existing walls or frameworks, seamlessly locking together with Fibo’s unique Aqualock tongue and groove system. Constructing a bathroom with Fibo is five times faster than traditional tiling methods, translating into significant savings in both time and cost. Each panel is composed of a core of certified wood, complemented by a durable high-pressure laminate front. This robust construction not only prevents hidden water damage but also ensures easy cleaning, thanks to its smooth surface.

With over 70 years of expertise and presence in more than a million wet rooms, Fibo’s quality and durability are unmatched. Norway has some of the strictest building regulations in the world when it comes to wet room standards, and Fibo meets all of these. When installed correctly, Fibo also boasts an impressive lifespan of at least 30 years, backed by a 15-year guarantee.

*Up to 45% Lower CO2 Emissions Compared to Tiles

An independent report from the consulting firm Asplan Viak documents that a bathroom built with Fibo results in up to 45% lower CO2 emissions compared to a tiled bathroom. The calculations have looked at the total CO2 footprint; from production, transportation, and installation, to when the product is broken down and returned to nature.

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